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Frank’s on Macleod

One of Calgary’s newest restaurants on Macleod Trail

Looking for somewhere to eat that’s both tasty and easy on the wallet? Not so easy to find these days at Calgary restaurants. That’s exactly where the concept behind Frank’s on Macleod came from.

Drop by to check out our creative menu and see for yourself that cheap and delicious really can co-exist. Not all cheap restaurants were created equal. Every single item on our food menu is under $17.

So many vegetarian and vegan options

Calgary has a growing demand for vegetarian and vegan restaurants and that’s an initiative we can get behind too.

You’ll find so many suitable options on our menu and the list will only continue to grow. Better yet, we don’t just stop at some meat substitutes and call it a day. Even our vegan pancakes and coconut ice cream are made in-house so we know exactly what goes into it!

Flexible menu items means your dietary requirements are covered

If you have food allergies or limiting preferences, finding good options at a restaurant can be a challenge too.

This was also kept in mind when creating the menu. That’s exactly why there are so many gluten free options available. Because we make each order fresh, you can swap ingredients in and out to suit your preferences.

Having allergies or food preferences doesn’t need to be complicated.

Low Cost, High Quality. Simple.

This is something that’s lacking with Calgary restaurants in general these days and a big part of what inspired our menu.

With our track record of very high quality in the building, sacrificing quality was never an option.  In fact, the biggest problem first-time visitors have at Frank’s on Macleod is ordering too much. Expecting that for the price, portion sizes must be tiny. A problem we’re okay with.

The next time you’re looking to try something different, drop into Frank’s. We’re one of the newest Macleod restaurants with lots of exciting changes on the horizon.